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Fresh Pork Jowl

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Fresh Pork Jowl

Our  pork jowl is rich in fat and delicious to cook with.

One Pound to Two Pound Package

All fresh pork is cut and frozen immediately to preserve its freshness.  All meat by the cut will be packaged in thick cryovac pouches to extend its freezer life.

Customer Reviews

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Great Cut

Well packaged and quick shipping.

Fresh Jowl

Packing date showed jowls were recently processed, about 4 weeks.
After trimming and removing glands there was still a nice thick cheek. Delivery was fast and more weight than I paid for.

Great jowls

I just recently bought 4 fresh pork jowls from here. I'm saving one to do jowl burnt ends. The other three have been cured and smoked to make jowl bacon. I haven't had a chance to fry them up yet but they look and smell amazing. I would definitely buy again from here.

Phuong, I am so happy that you liked the jowls.

Fresh jowl

Excellent. I love fresh jowl and have had it many places, but this is one of the best, and will guarantee I will order again very soon!

Excellent Quality and Service

I have been waiting to make Guanciale for a while, but locating a reliable source of high quality pork jowl at a reasonable price was a real challenge. Circle B provided me with excellent quality jowls that arrived quickly and were packed beautifully. I started the cure as soon as they arrived and am about to begin the drying process this week. I will definitely purchase from Circle B again.

Thank you so much,