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Open Kettle Non-hydrogenated Lard

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Cooking lard has many practical uses in the kitchen. It can replace cooking oil in the fryer, serve as a substitute for shortening in pastry dough, or even be an alternative to butter.

The hormone- and antibiotic-free cooking lard from Circle B Ranch comes from humanely raised animals, and it is safe for whatever meal you have in mind. Contrary to some beliefs, there is no pork taste in Circle B Ranch’s cooking lard. Whether you are preparing a pie with an extra flaky crust, or cooking crispy fried chicken for the family, you can feel confident that this cooking lard will not bring hormones or antibiotics to your meal.

Order some Open Kettle Non-Hydrogenated Lard today and see the difference that using lard without BHT or preservatives can make in your meals!

Fully Rendered, Ready to use.
We use fat back as well as leaf lard
No BHT, No Water, Non-hydrogenated lard
Gluten Free. No Preservatives.
Keep Refrigerated or frozen
No Preservatives. GLUTEN Free
Hogs were never fed ractopamine
25 Ounces

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
This stuff is the bomb!!

This is awesome lard! It tastes great and smells even better! I will be getting more...for sure!

Outstanding product

Pure Lard no additives just like we like it. It's wonderful product. It has replaced all the Corn/Conttonseed/Canola oils etc. in our diet.

Very good.

Very good.

Open Kettle Lard

By far the best Lard we have used. Hope you will continue to have it

Jimmy, yes it will be back in stock real soon.


This is really great lard for pies. It’s not porky at all, it’s very pure and white.

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