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St. Louis Style Spare Ribs

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Who doesn't love St Louis Style Spare Ribs?  These are cut from the meatier ribs once the belly is removed.  Grill them or oven bake them you will not be disappointed. Yes they do have more fat and bone but that is what makes them so juicy.

Cook them with a dry rub or slather them with Big John's BBQ Sauce...whatever is your preference the ribs will be delish!!  Enjoy!

All fresh pork is cut and frozen immediately to preserve its freshness.  All meat by the cut will be packaged in thick cryovac pouches to extend its freezer life.

2.5-3# package

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We Guarantee: Your pork order will arrive with each item individually vacuum-sealed in ready-to-cook condition. We ship the product frozen but it may defrost during shipping. Please put in freezer upon getting your box.
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The contents of your order are packed at our facility with enough insulation and frozen gel packs to withstand up to 48 hours of unrefrigerated transit. We are not responsible for packages left out on your porch.

The product can be frozen up to one year. Please defrost in the refrigerator for the best tasting pork. Verified Reviews Badge
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