Because good, clean and wholesome food is Marina’s passion, she has worked for years to perfect her sauce recipes. She believes products should be natural and taste never compromised. Circle B Ranch produces sauces with a shortlist of simple ingredients. We use sustainable techniques and do not include artificial additives. Our sauces contain no caramel coloring, artificial preservatives, or high fructose corn syrup. Each and every sauce is also gluten-free.

A Sauce for Every Need

Circle B Ranch has a sauce to meet every cooking need. Top your burgers, meatloaf, or fries with Marina’s thick and tangy Homemade Ketchup. Slather your pork chops or steak with Big John’s unique and zesty Steak and Chop Sauce. Or try Marina’s Italian Style Tomato Sauce with your pasta for an Old-World Italian twist. Include our sauces in your favorite recipes and taste the difference!