Nitrate-Free Snack Sticks

Circle B Ranch believes everyone should be mindful of their health, especially when it comes to food. We want you, our customer, to know you are feeding your family the healthiest food available. Circle B Ranch does not believe in artificial additives. We prefer to use only natural ingredients. The more natural a food is, the healthier it is. That is why we offer a line of healthy nitrite-free pork products.

Big John’s Bacon Snack Sticks are a great source of delicious protein. Made from the finest cuts of premium pork and are always free from nitrites, sugar, corn syrup and gluten, makes this the perfect KETO snack. Get your energy packed meat sticks today!

In keeping with our beliefs, each product nitrite-free product is completely natural.

Nitrite-Free Snack Sticks are great in the car running errands, at the office, after working out, on bicycle rides, sitting around the fire pit, or just anwhere/anytime!! Children tested!!

There are NO fillers, NO antibiotics, NO Gluten, NO MSG, NO artificial additives, No Dextrose Fillers and NO added nitrates. You can pronounce all the ingredients. 🥓