Perfect your At-Home Grilling Game


Are you ready to be a Grill Master? You will be ready and prepared to enjoy some very rewarding family activities since grilling is usually accompanied by poolside fun and sporting events. You can also be the talk of the neighborhood once your neighbors get a taste of some mouthwatering grilled sirloin steaks and delicious hotdogs cooked to crispy perfection.  



Grilling season is here! This year the global market for barbecues stations and grills is expected to grow by 21.2%(CAGR) in 2022 due to the fact that communities are recovering and bouncing back from the COVID pandemic. Grilling is an excellent opportunity to bond once more and shake of those old feelings of isolation. As we all know food brings people together and it could strengthen relationships. This comprehensive guide is to get you ready to grill and get you started to have fun in the sun this summer!

Steps To Get Your Grilling Area Dialed In

From choosing the perfect location to the final steps of pulling together your backyard décor, here's everything you need to know about putting together the ultimate summer grilling season setup.

  1. Best place to set the grill - If possible, keep your grill in a place that's well ventilated and away from structures. Ensure that you have a platform for your grill so that it's not sitting on the ground or close to anything that could ignite.
  2. Cabinet and storage- Make sure that you have at least a small storage area for the grilling implements that you might not want to take inside each time. Depending on your available space and your budget, you might want to consider building in cabinets and the countertop. Search your local marketplace for used cabinets for sale for eco-friendly options.
  3. Set the mood with decor - Set the mood for your summertime activities with solar-powered string lights, outdoor tables, reusable and eco-friendly tableware, plants, and perhaps you could make a flower arrangement Include your friends and family for some ideas!
  4. Let there be light - Lighting can be a specific element of your grilling area to overlook until you find yourself out one evening after dark. Solar lighting is a great option, and there are many different styles available online at almost any price point.
  5. Get shady - Equally crucial as lighting is providing shaded areas in your yard. Permanent structures like a pergola or a gazebo are great if you have the space for them, but portable shade creating options like umbrellas or retractable awnings work great if you want to reduce costs.
  6. Set up space for garbage and recycling - An essential part of planning your grilling space is to consider where you'll put your waste and recyclables. It makes things much more organized and easy to create space dedicated to garbage and recycling.

Choosing A Grill

While there are many varying price points for purchasing a grill, it’s still an investment that you’ll want to make sure is a good fit for you. Below are the top elements to consider when you’re grill shopping.

Charcoal Grills

Pros- Learning to grill with a charcoal BBQ is part art, part science. These grills can get hotter than a gas grill, making them perfect for searing meat and veggies. They are easier to maintain than gas grills.  If you’re looking for a portable option, a charcoal grill might be perfect.

Cons- The charcoal takes at least 15 minutes to heat, temperature adjustments can take a bit longer and they are not the best option if you want to go eco-friendly, as they produce more pollution than gas or electric grills.

Gas Grills

Pros- The main pros of gas grills are that they’re quick to light, easier to adjust the temperature on, easy to clean, and less costly on fuel than charcoal grills and they are a better option if you want to go eco-friendly as they produce far fewer pollutants. These grills are perfect for fast cooking and even faster cleanup: just a short brush to clean the grate, and boom — done.

Cons- Unless you specifically get a smaller, portable gas grill, they aren’t as mobile as a charcoal grill. Additionally, cooking with gas requires extra attention to safety. Any type of grilling has the potential for accidents, but cooking with propane means you’ll need to be extra cautious to ensure that your tank is connected and operating safely.

Eco-Friendly Grills

You can be environmentally conscious and still enjoy that mouth-wateringly smoky flavor!

Being eco-friendly in your grilling practices is mainly about reducing fuel consumption and using sustainably sourced charcoal. Big Green Egg makes kamado-style grills handcrafted from ceramic with a unique shape (you guessed it, like an egg) that retains heat more efficiently than traditional grills. More heat retention means less fuel used, saving money, and being environmentally responsible.

Even better, you can buy sustainably sourced charcoal briquettes that are carbon neutral, like those from prime 6. It’s a win all around!

Must-Have Grilling Accessories

There are many options of accessories in the market but the easiest way is to start from the essentials and little by little decide what else you could add to your grilling experience. Here are the must-have accessories:

Two Sets of Tongs - Reduce your risk of getting sick due to cross-contamination from raw foods by using two sets of tongs. Label your tongs with colored tape or a LabelMaker for raw and cooked meat, so you aren't getting mixed up and risking making yourself or your friends and family ill.

Instant-Read Thermometer - An instant meat monitor is a grill master's best friend. A big part of learning to grill is learning how to tell when your meat is cooked correctly. After years of practice, this will likely become second nature, but getting started, you'll want to use a thermometer. Ensure your meats are at the right temperature for flavor and food safety.

A Cleaning Brush - Cleaning your grill is super important in keeping it looking great and working better. Make sure you have a sturdy cleaning brush or an alternative way to keep that grill spic and span.

Tip - Grilling accessories make excellent gifts for your cookout team! Getting your family involved in this new hobby is a great bonding activity in the summer, and it provides gift opportunities all year round.

Hot Tips For a Great Grill Sesh

Now that your grilling space is dialed in, you’re almost ready! These are the steps you’ll need to take before your meal hits the grill:

  1. Light your grill - This is a quick step if you choose a gas grill, but you will need some extra time if you’re using charcoal. Allow at least 20 min for a charcoal grill to heat up so that your heat is even and steady. Avoid petroleum-based lighter fluids and instead use a charcoal chimney, an electric charcoal starter, or natural lighter fluids for more eco-friendly options.
  2. Get a recipe!- There are a lot of options that you can grill. Meat, seafood, hamburgers, hotdogs, and for the vegan people lot of delicious vegetables. Search for recipes that inspire you to start the experience of grilling. There are a lot of ideas on the internet to grill during the day, or perhaps you want to enjoy a dinner recipe for a nice and cozy evening.
  3. Decide on direct versus indirect heat - Depending on the food you’re cooking, you might want to put it away from your heat source. Some foods, like veggies, are great with a bit of char, whereas something like fish doesn’t hold up as well on direct heat.
  4. Marinate your food - Make sure you check your recipe for how much time you need to marinate. Red meat, for example, can be marinated for a lot longer than something like tilapia.
  5. Oil the grates or your food - The grilling community has a hot debate on whether it’s better to oil the grates of your grill or your food. Both have pros and cons, so give them a try and see which you like best. Either way, don’t forget this step!
  6. Let your grill heat up - This is the all-important grilling rule. If your grill isn’t hot enough, your food will have to be on for longer, meaning a dry, tough end result.
  7. Adjust the vents - This is a great way to control your temperature without needing to adjust the charcoal or gas level.
  8. Consistently check internal temperatures - Keep that handy instant-read thermometer close by — you’ll want to check your food consistently while it’s on the grill to make sure it’s done just right. Unless you’re a pro, no guesswork here.
  9. Clean your grill before and after using it- Eliminates chemicals from burned food, your grill would have more longevity and your meal will taste better! turn off the gas and use a grill brush or a scrubber to clean the grate, and you’re set!

Storing your Grill for Next Year's Use

When it’s time to put your grill away for the season, you can do some easy things to ensure it doesn’t get damaged over the winter. Gas and charcoal grills alike need the same TLC before getting stowed for the winter.

  1. First, take the grate out and give it a good scrubbing. Likewise for the inside of the grill, too — top and bottom! Make sure that it’s good and dry before putting it away. Otherwise, you’ll risk opening it up to rust and mold in the spring.
  2. Next, give the outside a wash with warm, soapy water and make sure it’s dry.
  3. Finally, you’ll want to invest in a cover for your grill or make sure it’s tarped so it stays dry and doesn’t make a home from critters or bugs over the winter.

Are you ready to be a Grill Master? You will be ready and prepared to enjoy some very rewarding family activities since grilling is usually accompanied by poolside fun and sporting events. You can also be the talk of the neighborhood once your neighbors get a taste of some mouthwatering grilled sirloin steaks and delicious hotdogs cooked to crispy perfection.


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