Did you ever wonder how John and I came up with the recipe for our prize-winning Top Tomato Bloody Mary Mix??  I know you want to know!!

One Sunday afternoon, about 1.5 years ago, I was in the kitchen (as usual) preparing Sunday dinner.  Yes I was making Sunday sauce with Marina's Tomato Sauce, Marina's Gluten Free Meatballs and of course Circle B Ranch Sweet and Hot Italian Sausage.  Yum!!

John said to me "I am really in the mood for a Bloody Mary."  So that got me thinking and I said "Why not mix a little bit of this and a little bit of that (all Marina's and Big John's products) add a little water, ice and Vodka."  It was a match made in heaven.  We sent it out for FDA testing, came up with a label and starting producing the delicious Bloody Mary Mix that is now available for everyone to purchase.  If you have not tried it yet, give it a try...you will not be disappointed.  On top of it....Top Tomato Bloody Mary Mix is gluten free.

Of course there is also a story behind the name  for the Top Tomato Bloody Mary Mix?  In coming up with the label, John thought that a WWII pin up girl would be great and of course she would be sitting on a large tomato (Top Tomato).  The connection to the military continues with our decision to donate a percentage of our profits to the Wounded Warriors as soon as we begin to make a profit.  We want to THANK YOU so very much for helping us make the goal.