A delicious dish is sausage, a fully meat-oriented food that is very popular around the world. Having a well-prepared sausage is so delicious.

The Beginning

There are various types of sausages you may find with different ingredients and preparation.  Although they have different taste, all of them are equally delicious and tasty. Bratwurst is a kind of sausage that is well known and relished by many people all around. 

What is Sausage?

A sausage is a kind of meat preparation usually made from ground meat including pork, beef, chicken or veal. This cylindrical shaped item needs to add salt, spices, herbs, and fat for flavoring. You may mix some other things like garlic, pepper, and wine to get the flavor of your own choice. Most of the sausages need casings made of natural and synthetic materials to get the right shape and perfect preparation. Sausages are mostly sold raw and you can make it fried, boiled or barbecued the way you need it to be.  The three types of sausage are a very popular-dried, smoked, and fresh sausage. Freshly made sausages need to be kept in the refrigerator until you start cooking them.

What is Bratwurst?

Bratwurst is a kind of sausage which originated from Germany. In German brat means “finely chopped meat” and wurst means “sausage”. Usually, this kind of sausage is prepared with pork, beef and veal are can also be used to prepare this item. It can also be prepared with a mixture of different types of meat. Bratwurst is seasoned with spices like lemon zest, cardamom, nutmeg, coriander, and pepper, ginger, and celery seeds. This spicy kind of sausage is put into a casing and then fried or grilled before serving. There are at least 50 types of bratwurst can be prepared in the different regions of Germany.

What is the Difference Between a Bratwurst and a Sausage?

Now it is time to find out the differences between a bratwurst and sausage. But before doing that one fact you have to accept that bratwurst is nothing but a kind of sausage which is not too different from the conventional sausage. Still, both have some factors that make them different from each other. They are-

Type of Preparation

Usually, Bratwurst is cooked or grilled, especially German Bratwurst is  filled with cheese and peppers. You may also get plain Bratwurst and all these are widely used as the main attraction in meals.  On the other hand, sausages are mainly used as dried and smoked in breakfast or as an appetizer in parties served with cheese and crackers. In both cases, you need to own the best meat grinder which can provide you perfectly minced meat to prepare those items.

Different Tastes

There are different types of bratwursts and sausages. All of them have their own taste and flavor. Some sausages have a tangy taste, but some of the bratwursts have a strong taste of pork what you’ve added while cooking.


This is a subject that clearly shows the difference between both of these. For example, bratwursts are seasoned with ginger, sage, nutmeg, etc., while the sausages are seasoned with anise and fennel.

Preferred By

As I said before, Bratwurst is originated from Germany and still, about 50 varieties of this item are widely preferred by different regions of Germany. On the other hand, sausage is popular and greatly loved by the people of many cities in the USA. But in recent times these two delicious foods have broken the barrier and preferred by all.

Nutritional Values

Usually, you believe that both Bratwurst and the Sausage have no nutritional value but they are taken only to fill your stomach or taste buds. But this is not true. Both of them moderately provide vitamins, minerals, calories, and carbohydrates, although the quantities are not equal. If you consider this factor before taking one of them you can see that the Bratwurst is a little ahead of the Sausage.


Considering all the facts and differences one thing I must say that having both of them is such a wonderful experience that you wish to have them again and again. So what if they are different in many ways? Don’t choose one over another, just enjoy what comes first to your plate. Enjoy!