Easter feasts aren't usually overly extravagant. While the meal isn't as fixed as Thanksgiving's, many families still have a menu of Easter staples.


"Traditional Easter buffets feature ham, although you may also offer frittatas, casseroles, savoury bread pies, waffles, and pastries. And there's no need to stop there; try out different menus, particularly if you're hosting a large group." advised master of family celebrations and picnic essentials distributor Archie Hewson of The Picnic Blanket.


Follow Circle Branch Pork and Marina's Kitchen guide to celebrate Easter with a simple yet special buffet. These suggestions will satisfy even the pickiest bunny at your table.


What Does A Classic Easter Buffet Include?

You don't have to be a trained chef to create a lovely Easter buffet. Start with defining a buffet station, which you may set up on your kitchen counter or dining table. After that, add a few final details:


  • Candles
  • Tablecloths
  • Easter eggs
  • Spring flowers
  • Easter sweets and desserts
  • Spreads, glazes, and condiments


Drinks For Your Easter Buffet?

Your Easter buffet wouldn't be complete without a fruity Mimosa or zesty Bloody Mary. These beverages have a playful, tropical spin that your family would love. However, wines are always a good choice if Mimosas and Bloody Marys aren't your vibes.


But, with so many diverse brunch alternatives, which wine is best?


It's genuinely a matter of personal taste, but you can go with the milder, tangy white wine, such as Sauvignon Blanc, with heavier foods. When it comes to food and wine matching, a rule of thumb is to pick wines you like and keep them flowing.

Setting The Main Dish

While the Easter buffet allows you to spend less time preparing in the kitchen, this does not imply that you should forego the main course. Highlight your Easter buffet with a spiral-sliced ham. It's adaptable, can be eaten hot or cold, and makes a lot of leftovers. Who doesn't like leftovers?


Serving your ham with a honey mustard glaze is the best way to go. It gives the smoky, salty ham a spicy-sweet bite and is easy to make.


What Is The Significance Of Ham As An Easter Tradition?

As with many customs, hams for Easter have practical roots. Pigs were traditionally butchered in the autumn and allowed to cure throughout the wintertime to be ready in time for a great Easter feast. It's been a time-honoured ritual throughout the years.


Side Dishes For Easter

Ham is traditionally served with green beans and roasted potatoes, which are delicious. To stay true to this year's simple celebrations, offer pre-made appetizers that can serve a crowd or a few family and friends.


If you like more home-cooked dishes, a board of thick-cut muffins will make ideal pairs for your favourite nut butter and jams. You can also pile up some ham scrambled eggs. Ultimately, assorted fruit and veggies, such as grapes, berries, citrus, cucumbers, lettuce and pears, will add a pop of colour to your buffet.


Remember To Include Easter Desserts

There's no need to waste an entire day making the ideal dessert. Easter biscuits are a tasty way to avoid baking anything from scratch. They'll also look beautiful throughout your buffet.


Perfect Your Special Easter Buffet

Easter buffets should draw people together, with goodies abounding and everyone squeezing up to a buffet and digging in. What, on the other hand, makes the ideal Easter buffet? Above everything, the company of family and friends.


Circle B Ranch and Marina's Kitchen understand the importance of the coming together of family and friends in celebrating Easter. Hence, we'd like to help you prepare a special Easter buffet that would undoubtedly foster and build stronger relationships.


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