Big John and I have 7 very important grilling tips to share with you. Warm weather is coming, or maybe it is already get out that grill, clean it off and get ready to grill.  Big John and I love to grill and we use our grill all year round!

1.) Preheat, preheat and remember to preheat the grill. A hot grill aids in searing the meat and helps with caramelization.

2.) Foods can still stick to a clean grill, so you can reduce sticking by oiling your grill rack with vegetable oil. While some grillers suggest applying the oil to a hot grill rack by using a vegetable oil-soaked paper towel, it’s much safer to just apply the oil before heating the grill, especially if your grill is already clean.

3.) Choosing your grilling method can be tricky, but the problem is easily overcome. Direct heat (or cooking directly over the heat source) is best for quick-cooking cuts. Indirect heat is mostly and appropriately used for meats that take longer to cook.

Elizabeth Karmel’s rule of thumb: Anything that takes less than 20 minutes to cook should be grilled with direct heat, and anything over 20 minutes requires indirect heat to cook properly. Using indirect heat is much like slow cooking—the process is slower, allowing the inside of the meat to thoroughly cook without burning the outside.

4.) If you have marinated your meat, pat off most of the excess moisture. The idea is to give the meat flavor yet get it to sear instead of steam.

5.) If you are basting, do so during the last 30 minutes of cooking to reduce the chance of burning your meat.

6.) Use spatulas or tongs that will not pierce the meat and release juices. Piercing the meat will lose moistness and flavor. The only exception is if you do not have a digital thermometer and are checking for doneness.

7.) Letting the cooked meat rest before serving allows the juices to redistribute evenly throughout the meat and mete out the flavor. Yummy!

What is a blog without delicious recipes?  Here are a few of the recipes we love!! Enjoy!

This grilling season try something innovative, whether you try out a new recipe or a new technique or follow up on a new tip. I know I plan too!  Circle B Ranch takes pride in helping to continue and build up the American grilling tradition.

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