Everyone deserves a plate full of tender, juicy, tasty, grilled Circle B Ranch pork chop. One bite into this and you will awaken your taste buds to enjoy the best eating experience. If you are already salivating for this, you are about to read great news. Do you know that you do not have to look for a restaurant to dig into perfectly done grilled pork? You can enjoy this meal at home anytime you want. If you would like to know how to do this, read on and take note of the best strategies to simplify the pork grilling process.

  • Use the Right Grill

There is only one way to become a grill master. This is by using a charcoal grill. Sure the gas, electric and pellet grills get the job done. However, nothing compares to the taste you will enjoy with a quality charcoal grill. The tender smokey taste from the charcoal grills is just heavenly. You can even invest in a top-quality portable charcoal grill if you love grilling in different locations. To get the best grill, kindly do some research to identify the brands that get approval from grill enthusiasts.

  • Carefully Select your Cuts

The cuts you place on the grill will determine if the end result will be something to write home about. It is advisable to start with a Circle B Ranch center cut pork chop since it is cut from the loin. The center cut pork chop usually has enough fat that can handle heat well without losing its flavor to become tough and chewy. You also need to pick the right size (about 11/2 inches) that will give you more control as you cook. Whether to get boneless or bone-in chops is a personal decision that will not have much of an effect to what ends up on the plate

  • Brine the Meat Beforehand

This is a stage that you should never miss if you want to make pork grilling a breeze. Soaking your pork in a weak salt solution helps to make your pork chops moist. You can make a simple brine by dissolving a ¼ cup of sugar and salt in 1 L water. To spice things up, boil this water with herbs such as rosemary and thyme, garlic, and any other flavor you like. When this cools, marinate your chops for a minimum of three hours. Remember not to salt the meat after bringing to avoid overdoing it.  

  • Combine both Indirect and Direct Heat Combustion

While grilling your pork, high heat is the best for searing. Before taking the meat out of the grill, switch to lower heat to finish the cooking process. This is the secret ingredient to serving a tender juicy interior and a seared exterior that will leave everyone licking their fingers.

When searing, make sure the pork is above the heat source directly and only flip once. After this, put the pork on the side of the grill that is not directly over the coals and close the hood for a while. Place hot coals at the sides of the fire grate, and in a ring around the perimeter or one side of the grill for indirect heat on the grill.

  • Let the Meat Rest

After cooking your meat, do not rush into eating it right away. Cover the meat in foil before slicing it up. Give it at least 5-10 minutes rest time. This is crucial because it allows the juices to redistribute before you start cutting the meat up.

A slight reminder is that if you are adding any sauces, use them during the last 5 minutes of cooking. This is something that helps to seal the flavor without burning the sauces.