I have to admit that I was not much of a breakfast person...over the years this has changed.

I would get up make breakfast for everyone else...and when my kids got on the bus for school and Big John left for work I would sit down with a big cup of coffee and sigh a sense of relief.

Yes, relief that I got through that crazy time of the morning.  It was also my time to think about my day and get ready for work.

How many of you have felt that way??

I have heard so many times "Breakfast like a King, Lunch like a Prince and Dine like a Pauper".  I have always wondered where that came from and all I can say is that:  Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!


Breakfast not only gives you the energy to get through the morning, but it kick starts your metabolism for the day, increases daily calcium, protein, fiber, fruit and vegetable intake and it boosts overall daily performance.

Eating breakfast every morning creates a daily routine and wakes you up for the day - and that routine and that energy can finish out the day with you!

A couple of the overly used excuses for not eating breakfast are typical that someone doesn’t have the time in the mornings, or they simply don’t like breakfast foods.

For those that tend to opt out of breakfast, Circle B Ranch has a few solutions for you! Not only do we have breakfast options for sit down meals, but we also have options for the “on-the-go” morning people!


Sit down meals for breakfast can be beneficial because you can get the full effects of breakfast. It also gives you time to wake up to a delicious cup of coffee and unwind before starting your day.

You can fill your plate with proteins, calcium, fibers, vegetables and more. Marina’s Kitchen Breakfast Bundle_ includes one-pound of Uncured Bacon, one-pound of Hickory Smoked Bacon, one-pound Bulk Chorizo Sausage, one-pound of Breakfast Links and one-pound of Breakfast Bulk. What more can you ask for at the breakfast table than your protein and vegetables?

If going through pounds of breakfast food at a time doesn’t seem to fit your lifestyle, that’s okay. We also have smaller versions for you to enjoy. You can try our Circle B Ranch Breakfast Links or even the Hickory Smoked Bacon_!  These are not only healthy options to be putting into you and your family’s bodies, but they will start your day right. Wake up your metabolism and give you energy to take on the day!

For those that love to cook, use some of Marina’s famous breakfast recipes like Breakfast Casserole with Bacon and Sausage, Breakfast Chorizo Tacos (yum!) or if you’d rather do most of the work the night before so you have more time in your morning, try out Marina’s Do-Ahead Sausage Breakfast Bake!

But....my granddaughter's absolute favorite is my easy to make Gluten Free Cranberry Chutney Oatmeal Pancakes_! She bursts into the house and announces that she wants her "favorite pancakes." And of course, I know exactly what she wants. She loves them with lots of butter and drizzled (not really) with Maple Syrup, and she likes them without the chutney!!


We know the reality of every person being able to sit down and enjoy a hearty breakfast with the family is slim especially with the “getting ready for school” frenzy in the mornings!

Fueling your body with energy and nutrients is still an important part of the morning, whether you do this at the table or on your way out the door.

That’s why we created our Healthy Nitrite-Free Snack Sticks! The more natural a food is, the healthier it is - and that’s exactly what our snack sticks are. Our Big John’s Nitrite Free Bacon Snack Sticks comes in three flavors to appease the palettes of the whole family.


Fueling your body in the morning can be as easy as grabbing a snack stick to go.

That smile is infectious, especially since she is enjoying her snack stick while my daughter gets ready for work.  What a great way to get that healthy protein into your toddler!!

You not only start your metabolism and assure your body that more calories/nutrients are headed its way for the day, but you will give yourself a burst of energy that everyone needs to get through the morning.

Keep fueling your body with protein, fiber, and calcium in the morning and you will surely notice a difference in how you perform throughout the day.

Keep yourself and your family on the right track -keep up with breakfast regularly and provide yourself with that growth and repair your body needs from the morning before!

So yes I do eat breakfast every morning!!

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