Bacon is one of those foods that need to be eaten in moderation,  and there is no reason not to eat this delicious meat. One way to make it more enjoyable to eat is to pair it with a glass of wine. 

The good thing is that bacon, with its savory, salt, and smoky flavors, pairs well with multiple wine types. The following are the best wines with bacon:

  • Sparkling Wine
  • Rosé
  • Riesling
  • Pinot Noir

Now, let us dive in to learn more about why these wines are best paired with bacon. 

Sparkling Wine

A sparkling, wine such as Prosecco complements well with saltiness and greasiness of bacon. Also, sparkling wine is the best for a brunch meal because it serves as a palate cleanser and is refreshing.

Sparkling wine is ideal with bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwiches that holds up with mayonnaise.  Additionally, it will not have any problems with the tomato for which a red wine may end up as flat and metallic. 

Sparkling wines love foods that are crisp and salty, and who says that the good old bacon and eggs aren't always worthy of opening a bottle of vintage Champagne? If you don't want to get that fancy Prosecco wine would be your go to wine since it is more reasonably priced and pairs will with bacon. Champagne is a perfect match for fresh oysters with topped with crispy bacon.  


A refreshing Rosé wine, which is based on the color may have you pondering that it is very sweet, it typically features black fruit and raspberry flavors and is quite dry. This type of wine is best for a brunch meal and would be perfect with a BLT sandwich. 

Rose can impose those earthy and sweet bacon flavors. Rosé wine is perfect for french toast with bacon and maple syrup. A perfect Rosé wine for this dish is slightly sweet Moscato. The sweetness of this wine vanishes when you eat the syrupy bread, leaving you with Turkish delight, beautiful rosewater, and flavors swirling around your mouth followed by a salty flavor from the bacon.


Riesling with pear and crisp apple-like flavors is a perfect match with ham. For this reason, it can also be ideal with bacon. Without a doubt, you will love how this wine complements the saltiness of the bacon.

Therefore, each bit tastes as crisp as the next. Reisling is perfect with bacon-topped pizza or a BLT sandwich.

Pinot Noir

A slightly candied and light Pinot Noir wine pairs excellently with bacon because the wine is earthy and is slightly sweet. Pinot Noir's sweetness is a perfect contrast to the saltiness of the bacon which makes for a refreshing combination.

In most red wines, tannins tend to increase the saltiness in food. Thus, a high-tannin Barolo or Cabernet Sauvignon wouldn't be best to pair with bacon. Pinot Noir is an acidic red wine, which means that it's low in tannin.

Acidic wines like Pinot Noir becomes refreshing and reinvigorating when paired with salty foods like bacon. For this reason, Pinot Noir and bacon is a perfect match. One can enjoy this wine with bacon in a brunch meal. Moreover, Pinot Noir is pairs well with split pea and bacon soup or bacon-topped pizza.


When experiencing a great meal but don't know what kind of wine to pair it with white wine pairs well with fish and red wine with steak. When it comes to pairing wine and bacon, it is all up to what kind of dish you're eating it with and when you are eating it. 

For breakfast or brunch, bacon, sparkling wines, or Rosé wine are ideal. On the other hand, for lunch, bacon, Riesling, and a luscious sparkling Rosé wine are best. Lastly, for the dinner bacon, Pinot Noir and Champagne are perfect. 

When pairing, you would want the wine to cut richness and smokey taste, yet complement the food, not only cleansing your palate between bites. Spend time experimenting to get the perfect balance between the saltiness and greasiness of bacon and your preferred wine.